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reimagine your

Spa Experience

Experience the true essence of the Caribbean in every treatment with Caribbean Blue Naturals

Leading the Industry with Natural Spa Solutions

Elevate your spa to new heights with Caribbean Blue Naturals, manufactured locally by Natmed Ltd, a trusted provider of natural spa products for over two decades. Enhance your spa's reputation, offer unforgettable experiences to your guests, and boost your revenue with our premium, sustainably sourced spa products. We're not just a supplier, we're a partner, invested in your success and committed to delivering the best of the Caribbean to your spa.


Why Choose Caribbean Blue Naturals?

Caribbean Blue Naturals products are your gateway to creating an immersive Caribbean spa experience. Here's how we enhance your spa:


Locally-sourced, unique ingredients

Our products emphasize unique Caribbean ingredients like aloe, cocoa, coconut, hibiscus, seamoss, spices (especially cinnamon, clove, and nutmeg), and volcanic mud. Offering an exotic yet authentic Caribbean experience to your clients. Find out more about our ingredients.


Signature scents and treatments

We help you create unique signature scents and treatments that reflect your spa's ambiance, distinguishing your brand from competitors.


Professional-quality products

Loved by therapists for their effectiveness, freshness, and easy application.


Expand Your Business Opportunities

Grow your business with flexible and profitable opportunities:

Minimal inventory

With our short lead times and flexibility in order quantities, avoid the hassle of stockpiling expensive inventory.

Retail possibilities

Introduce an additional revenue stream by retailing our products to your clients.

Private label products

Establish your own brand with our high-quality formulations offered in bulk.


Core Essence Consulting

It has been an absolute pleasure to collaborate with Caribbean Blue on two very rewarding projects. From our very first visit to their lab to the ongoing support they continue to offer now, we have been consistently delighted by the knowledge, expertise, creativity and quality of products and innovation offered. We look forward to our next opportunity to work together!


Core Essence Consulting

An Authentic Caribbean Experience Awaits

Become part of the Caribbean Blue Naturals family. Captivate your clients with authentic Caribbean experiences and signature aromas and show them your commitment to the environment and the local economy. Together, we can elevate and enrich your spa's brand while offering an unforgettable journey to your clients. Ready to make a difference in a saturated market?

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