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Discover Luxury Caribbean Products from Caribbean Blue Naturals

Elevate the Guest Experience

At Caribbean Blue Naturals by Natmed Ltd, we take pride in creating hand-crafted skincare products that embody the vibrant spirit and natural beauty of the Caribbean. We blend quality, reliability, and sustainability, ensuring an authentic and eco-friendly option for your esteemed guests.

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Luxury Hospitality: It's All in the Details

Luxury hospitality is about thoughtful attention to every aspect of a guest's experience. Those little details can elevate a stay from "good" to "unforgettable."

A Subtle Gesture That Leaves a Significant Impression

  • Offer amenity-sized products in each of your rooms to impress your guests

  • Anticipate their needs, making them feel truly cared for.

Caribbean Challenges: Turned Opportunities

  • An overlooked detail in the Caribbean? The nuisance of mosquitoes.

  • Some of our esteemed hotel partners already offer our top-rated Insect Repellent and After Bite in guest rooms.

  • The feedback? Overwhelmingly positive.

Curated Gift Sets for Every Occasion

Perfect for honeymooners, VIP guests, and incentive groups.

Tailored options for Christmas, turn-down services, and more.

Customization available for a personal touch, including your logo.


Authentic Products for Your Resort Gift Shop

  • Crafted in St. Lucia with unique, all-natural ingredients.

  • Turn moments into memories as guests use our products during their vacation and take them home as cherished souvenirs.

  • Includes our renowned Insect Repellent, marine-safe Sunscreen, and exclusive Volcanic Mud range.


Professional Spa Products to Elevate Your Spa Experience

Fresh-to-order spa products made with indigenous Caribbean ingredients.

Offering free training for spa staff and therapists.

Sustainable Excellence

At Caribbean Blue Naturals by Natmed Ltd, our dedication transcends beyond quality. As pioneers in eco-luxury, we're committed to both celebrating and preserving the pristine beauty of the Caribbean. Through solar-powered facilities, rainwater harvesting, and a steadfast commitment to minimal waste and sustainable sourcing, our approach embodies true green luxury. We harness biodegradable and sustainable ingredients, utilizing recycled and reused packing materials, all while ensuring zero toxic emissions. Every decision is a testament to our unwavering respect for Mother Earth, reflecting our passion for the Caribbean's vibrant beauty and its future.

Why Choose Caribbean Blue Naturals?

Promoting Local

  • Align with a brand that supports our Caribbean future, showcasing commitment to authenticity and community growth.

Reliability and Convenience

  • Shorter lead times and low order quantities mean you get products when you need them.

  • For custom or bulk orders, we offer a lead time of 1-2 weeks. Overseas shipments are typically 1-3 weeks, inclusive of shipping.

Certifications and Authenticity

  • Many of our products are EU-tested and approved for efficacy and stability. You're not just buying products, but certified quality.

Competitive Pricing

  • Despite our products' luxury and high-end quality, we believe in fair, competitive wholesale pricing.

Hassle-free Shipping & Logistics

  • Affordable shipping rates, with the advantage of our certificate of origin, allowing duty-free imports to various Caribbean destinations.

  • Our products come with a dependable product shelf life, ensuring guest satisfaction.



Core Essence Consulting

It has been an absolute pleasure to collaborate with Caribbean Blue on two very rewarding projects. From our very first visit to their lab to the ongoing support they continue to offer now, we have been consistently delighted by the knowledge, expertise, creativity and quality of products and innovation offered. We look forward to our next opportunity to work together!


Core Essence Consulting

Join Our Journey

The future of luxury hospitality is routed in authenticity. Be a part of this transformative journey where your guests experience true Caribbean soul with every touch, every scent, every memory made.

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