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Caribbean Gift Sets

Discover Luxury Caribbean Products from Caribbean Blue Naturals


Welcome Your Guests with Caribbean Warmth

Set the scene for a unique and unforgettable stay with our range of Caribbean Blue Naturals gift sets. For over two decades, we've been bringing the vibrant charm and natural beauty of the Caribbean to life with our curated collections of wellness products.

Our Signature Gift Sets

Indulge in the essence of the Caribbean with our handpicked collection. These are the cherished favorites of our customers, each offering a unique, sensory-rich journey. Let's explore the exotic and captivating world of our signature gift sets:

Welcome Box

The perfect companion for the discerning traveller. Featuring essentials like our signature Repellent and Hand Sanitizer, plus a choice from our selection of distinct Soaps, each echoing a piece of the Caribbean.


Tropical Survivor

An adventurer's dream. This kit covers all the bases for those ready to explore and enjoy the great outdoors, armed with our sun and insect protection range.


Burst of Lemongrass

For those who love a sensory journey. This set brings together the invigorating aroma and health benefits of lemongrass across our body care and aromatherapy range.


Caribbean Glow

The ideal pick for coconut enthusiasts. Our coconut-infused products promise a luxurious pampering session that leaves the skin glowing and deeply nourished.


Chocolate Delight

A sweet escape for chocolate lovers. Our cocoa-centric products provide an indulgent skincare experience, filled with comforting scents and rich textures.


Lucian Experience

A taste of Saint Lucia's finest. This collection combines volcanic mud treatments and soothing aloe products for a spa-like retreat right in your room.


Nature's Botox

The ultimate in luxury skincare. Packed with our nature-inspired, age-defying skincare range, it's a delightful treat for those who enjoy a little extra pampering.


Skin Balancing

A deep dive into natural, skin-friendly solutions. This set is loaded with our targeted, plant-based products to help achieve a balanced, clear, and radiant complexion.


Tailored to Your Needs

At Caribbean Blue Naturals, we understand the unique needs of your business and your guests. Delight in the flexibility we offer to truly make these gift sets your own:

Customizable Contents

Modify the contents of your gift sets to best match your guests' preferences or your brand's vibe.

Branding Opportunity

Add a personal touch with a custom logo sticker on each elegant white and blue box, asserting your unique brand identity.

Packaging Options

Choose between our elegant gift box or our clear burlap gift bags to perfectly complement your gift sets. Additionally, for those guests wanting to take a piece of the Caribbean home, our gift boxes can be flat-packed for convenient travel.

Fast and Reliable

Rest easy with our short lead times of just 1 to 3 days, ensuring timely delivery for your guests.


Your Caribbean Journey Awaits

Ready to transport your guests to the vibrant, alluring world of the Caribbean? Get in touch with us today to explore our gift sets further.

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