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Covid products web page Mist Dispenser.j
Hand Sanitizer Mist Dispenser
  • Automated & Touch-Free

  • Holds 1 Liter of alcohol-based, liquid hand sanitizer

  • Works great with Caribbean Blue Naturals Hand Sanitizer

  • Battery operated (4xAA not incl.) & optional power adapter

  • Hygenic -prevents spread of germs

  • Economical -bulk refills saves you money

  • Convenient and Environmentally friendly

Covid products web page Hand Sanitizer.j
Hand Sanitizer Retail & Bulk
  • Powerful 76% alcohol-based

  • Gentle on hands with skin conditioners

  • Aloe vera, pure plant essential oils, vitamin E

  • Fresh natural herbal scent

  • Economical -bulk refills saves you money

  • Convenient & Environmentally friendly 

Covid products web page Infrared Thermom
Infrared Thermometer
  • Touch-Free

  • Non-contact, high precision infrared sensors

  • 1 second measurement

  • Large size green LED screen

  • Red LED screen warning with high temperature

  • Temperature in both degrees C and F

  • High-impact resistant case

  • Sleek, modern design 

Covid products web page KN95 Face Mask.j
KN95 Protective Face Mask
  • ≥ 95% filtration

  • 4 layers

  • Secure fit 

  • Easy to breathe through

Covid products web page UVC Sterilizer B
UVC Sterilizer Box (with wireless phone charger)
  • Quick sterilization of face masks, phones, keys, earbuds, etc.

  • Large capacity disinfection box

  • 99.9% sterilization

Automated, Touch-Free Soap Dispenser
  • Convenient table top size

  • Works great with Caribbean Blue Naturlas Liquid Soap

  • Can also dispense our hand sanitizer

  • Battery operated (4xAA not incl.)

  • Modern design

Covid products web page Tabletop Dispens
Sterilizer Water Machine
  • Uses only water and table salt

  • Makes bleach solution in just 10 minutes

  • USB power supply - convenient & economical

  • 99.9% sterilization rate against microorganisms like viruses, bacteria, mold, fungi and dust mites

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